I don’t just hear voices…

DSCF1149by Elisabeth Svanholmer, July 2016

Inspired by Quote seen on Facebook


I don’t just hear voices

I hear life everywhere


I hear the bricks in the wall

calling each other’s names

I hear the peach in the fruit bowl

ask the apple how he’s doing

I hear the dishes in the sink

shrugging and yawning

I hear the rubbish in the bin

complain about smells and confinement

I hear my dog dead and decomposed

pitter-patter around in the kitchen


I hear the swallows chatting brightly

discussing far away travel destinations

I hear the plants in my garden

gossip about the cat next door

I hear the strawberries

beg the sun for a kiss on the cheek

I hear the sun coaxing the brambles

to come meet her in the clouds

I hear spiders, flies and ladybirds

requesting some peace and quiet




I don’t just hear voices

I hear the panic, the exaltation, the pain of the world


I hear the lonely corners of my house

humming mournful tunes

I hear lives not yet lived

and deaths unkindly denied


I hear nothingness pacing the streets

disturbing young children’s dreams

I hear lovers found and lost

and unborn babies despairing


I hear souls long gone

telling stories from other worlds

I hear cries from oceanic depths

and screams from endless skies


I hear the waves of rage

crash against stony shores

I hear the abandoned, the resigned,

the terrified and the lost


I hear the darkness of the night

talk of fears never faced

I hear sighs, sobs and coughs

of poems hiding away from harm




I don’t just hear voices

I hear more than I can bear


I hear the space between atoms

and the darkness between stars


I hear death breathing down our necks

and I hear decay melting away solid ground


I hear the universe held in the arch of time

and I hear eternity caressing the human mind


I hear the splintering of broken trust

and I hear tales to fill me with hope


I hear so much

I hear everything at once

I hear

I hear

but how I can bear to keep listening?





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