I am interested in raising awareness about experiences such as Hearing Voices, seeing, smelling, feeling and/or sensing things that others don’t.
I have been trying to blog about it for a couple of years but never get around to it.
A couple of weeks ago I came across a Danish Facebook page about life as a voicehearer (http://www.facebook.com/Vanessa14koch) and it inspired me to try having a blog on Facebook.
I hear an average of 12 voices regularly and I have created Facebook accounts for some of them.
Hopefully they will be up for sharing stories from their perspective too.
If you are interested in more information about the hearing voices approach these pages may be useful:

My websites:

Personal website www.livinglifegently.wordpress.com

Art blog www.svanholmerart.wordpress.com

Sensitivity blog www.journeyingwithsensitivity.wordpress.com


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