Voices I hear

So the plan is to present some of the voices I hear.

Some of them are going to get their own page to write their stories or share what they think is important about themselves. At times they will also get to write blog entries but we are not quite there yet. We are still negotiating who is getting their own page and whether those who do are the only ones who get to dictate blog entries to me. Maybe it will be more random who gets to say their piece.

I have been thinking that for the reader it might be nice to know the context of the individual voice that I write for – also it might be a good way to show how diverse these experiences are to me.

Anyway – lots to consider…

At some point I might like to create an overview of the kind of experiences I have. As for now I will just share this drawing I made in 2005. Here I have portrayed nine of the voices that were most important to me back then. Some of them still come around from time to time, some have changed completely and some are gone – to where I do not know, I just can’t hear or sense them anymore.