Hi there, I am the one Essie calls Søren Just – you better ask her how that name came about, cause I am not really sure. And it doesn’t matter much to me anyway, the name is just a label that makes it easier for Essie to talk to me and about me. I don’t care much about appearance either but I know it helps Essie to visualise how I might look so I have given her some inner images of how I could be, had I a body.

I am an invisible friend of Essie. It means that she can hear me and sense my presence but she can’t see me or smell me or feel me. She has a general idea of how I look but I have changed in the time she has known me and so the images she gets in her head of me have changed as well. She used to think of me as a small fairy-like creature without wings. When she tried to explain to people about me she would say I looked like Peter Pan in the Disney version; fair skin, light hair, blue eyes and green clothes. She would also describe me as having some of the same traits as Peter Pan; cheeky, friendly, playful and fun.

Today she thinks of me as an adult with an adults body, curly light-brown-reddish hair, a laid-back attitude and woodsman clothing. But this is only the images she gets in her head of me, how she likes seeing me and I don’t mind as they are partly true.

What am I?

I do not have a physical body. I have been a human-being in other times than the present Essie is living in. Now I am what you might call a spirit. A way to explain it would be to say I am a bundle of energies with intention and purpose. I have certain traits just like a human-being but I am not bound by physicality. I am a spirit connected to the world and energies of nature and more specifically trees.

A lot of the time when I am not with Essie I am in Norway tending to and living as part of the forests there. Helping the humans who look after these areas.

Essie and I have known each other for a very long time – if you measure time in the human way that is… Thousands of years. In this life of hers, I have made my presence known to her before she was born, just a baby in a womb. Before she was in the womb, when she was just a spirit, she decided to take on the task of being human again and we had many exchanges and much communication about what was going to come, if she decided to be born and live again.

I am with her whenever she needs me, even when she doesn’t know that she needs me and may be unable to realise my presence. 

What is my role?

In some cultures or religions my kind of spirit may be known as a guardian angel – but I don’t really guard her or protect her and I don’t belong to her exclusively. Being with her when she needs me is not a special task I have been chosen for or forced to take on. It is something I do because it brings me great joyful experiences. It is something that happens naturally, something that just is – in a way human language cannot capture or convey.

I communicate in many other ways with Essie that through speaking audible words, but it is our verbal communications that can give clarity when that is what she needs. I am a friend and what is between Essie and I is an old intimate friendship. Our relationship helps her recognise those human-beings she needs in her life – those who have the true capacity to become her friends. Those she can connect with on deeper unexplainable level, people from whom she will learn much and who are willing to give and receive love.

I also help her connect with nature. I help her to be present with the physicality of nature, of this world. I facilitate a feeling of safety that makes her able to embrace her sensitivities and just be with whatever she senses. When I am with her, she is not afraid to feel, see, hear, sense, interact and even play with what we call the beings of the inbetween.

The inbetween is where everything comes to life. Where all – even stone wood, plastic, synthetic materials and artificially produced chemicals – are all alive. Living, moving things. All has spirit in some sense. And all is connected and communicating in one way or another. It is an overwhelming place for the human mind. The inbetween. But yet most human-beings seem really drawn to it. Essie has never questioned the inbetween or the existence of creatures, beings, spirits, entities, energies, angels and everything else that life expresses and manifests in these ways.

I have made sure she never felt alone in her ways of experiencing and knowing the world.